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GoChoice India has a deep concern over the health of Indians and the hard-working farmers. We would love to bring the freshly grown crops to the Indians that are nurtured and cared with ultimately no use of pesticides. Walk together with us to help the farmers and have perfect healthy meals.

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We are the innovators in agricultural business

High Nutrient organic foods
Our organic foods store natural vitamins and minerals that are cultivated with high nurturing.

No to chemical fertilizers and pesticides
We strongly oppose the use of chemicals for farming as we believe that chemicals suck away all the nutritional content of the food.

Certified Organic Sources
We are best in our quality and we would love to showcase them through our quality control measures and quality certifications.

We love nature and we take up each and every farming measures keeping in mind of the eco-friendly needs.

About Us

GoChoice India is all about organic farming.

GoChoice India is all about organic farming. We love to bring back the traditional methods of farming completely avoiding harmful fertilizers and chemicals. Our primary motto is to make your food enriching with nutrition and vitamins that serves the purpose right. When the market is full of chemical foods we love you to provide you with organic food l. A healthy lifestyle is all you need and it’s no more difficult.

To provide you with the best nutritional food we run so much of measures. We ensure that quality seeds are taken up by the farmers for the cultivation of your products. Next comes the soils testing to confirm the chemical-free substance. Harvest takes place only when the crops are matured enough to cut which are high with nutritional content. We run over 189 chemical check to make sure every process is based on organic cultivation. Crops undergo CO2 Fumigation process to get rid of the pests and bacteria. With the evolution of the crop, the packaging is done with the Indian Organic Standards.

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Our Products

GoChoice India is all about organic farming.

Organic Rice
Rice is something we can never take away from our Indian diet. GoChoice India is specialized in obtaining them through the rice milling process. We love to bring you rice with all original texture without losing even a bit of nutrition. We do have varieties of Organic Rice like organic broken rice, organic brown basmati rice, organic black rice, organic Poha, organic red Poha, organic red rice, organic brown sonamsuri, organic white sonamasuri rice and organic white basmati rice.

Organic Pulses
Pulses are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals including iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. To maintain healthy nutrition, this pulse is an essential constitution of the diet. Through organic farming methods we bring you all pulses ranges of pulses like organic arhar, organic chana dal, organic groundnut/ peanut, organic kabuli chana, organic kala chana, organic lobia, organic masoor dal, organic masoor Malka split, organic moong dal, organic moth, organic rajma chitra, organic red rajma, Organic urad dal white split.

Organic Spices
Indian foods get its rich flavours from its spices. The spices add an extravagant taste to the food that makes Indian food a highly exotic. Buy the spices which are the secret ingredients of the Indian flavour through us. We sell organic spices like black pepper, cinnamon powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, dry ginger powder, fenugreek powder, red chilli powder and turmeric powder.

Organic Gluten Free Flour
Our organic flours are always on high demand because of its rich fibre content and gluten-free nature. All our flour are gluten free and are available in ready to use packages. Our quality flour products are bajra flour, organic besan, organic buckwheat, organic corn flour, organic jowar flour, organic ragi flour, organic soybean flour, organic gluten free multigrain flour and organic fasting flour.

Organic Super Foods
With the evolution of the fast food that contaminates our health, we GoChoice India love to bring you healthy and tasty food rich in nutrition. So take a healthy step ahead with our organic super foods like organic Amarnath seeds, Organic Amla powder, organic flax seeds, organic millets, organic multigrain flour, organic psyllium husk, organic quinoa, organic Triphala powder and organic wheat grass powder.

Organic Sugar and Jaggery
The sugar and jaggery you find in the market it full of chemicals and with the sweating, you actually add so much of chemicals that spoils the nutrient value of your beverage or food. That’s why we have brought you organic sugar and jaggery rich with its essential nutrients. Our organic food ranges are organic sugar, organic brown sugar and organic jaggery powder.

Organic Tea and Coffee
Indian diet can never become complete without the sip of our favourite beverage coffee and tea. We GoChoice India has brought you a wide range of tea and coffee straight from the organic farming field. Try our products like organic black CTC tea, organic masala CTC tea, organic filter coffee, organic green tea, organic tulsi ginger tea, organic tulsi green tea, organic lemon tea and organic tulsi masala tea.

Edible Oils
Edible oils can never be missed out from the Indian ingredient list. We have brought you vegetable oil derived from sesame and mustard. These oils are healthy and add rich taste to the food. You can buy organic mustard oil and sesame oil through us.

Natural Salts
GoChoice India is very happy to get you the best Himalayan Pink salt, natural black salt and natural rock salt. Salts are highly nurtured, handpicked, crushed and powdered with no chemical. Our salt ranges will savour all your dishes with a unique taste you will find nowhere.

Organic Dry Fruits
We love to bring you fresh dry fruits with crispy bite without losing even a bit of nutrition. No food preservatives are added to prolong life. You can buy almond, cashew nuts, raisins and walnuts through us.


We deliver certificated products

GoChoice India want you to understand how much we care for our crops and how you get the best organic products through us. our primary aim to bring you healthy foods with no loss of nutrition or with no use of chemicals. We don’t merely use the word organic, our foods are certified with organic certification. The final product you buy goes through so many chemical check and nutrition checks.

First comes out quality control where only the best seeds are selected for farming. The cultivation process is taken up with no rush. The crops are brought to the market only after full matured growth and completed with all its nutritional content.

We have great esteem for the farmers and food is brought to you straight from the farmers after the organic certifications.

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